Reviews of Proven Curriculum Used By Rescue Missions & Residential Recovery Ministries

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Program Models & Curriculum Reviews

We have worked with hundreds of rescue missions over the years, and have collected only the top programs and curriculum used with clients that have been proven to work below.

Accredited Courses at City Vision University (outsourced training for clients/graduates)

City Vision University was founded out of the association of Gospel Rescue Missions in 1998, and became independent in 2008 shortly after it was accredited. CVU has had students from over 100 rescue missions. Many of CVU’s courses are targeted at rescue mission clients either in the second half of their program or as a part of a transitional program after they graduate. The following are the courses designed particularly to help that transition. 

When students take these courses, not only do they get credit, but you can “outsource” teaching the course to City Vision rather than teaching it yourself. We have found that the vast majority of clients in rescue mission programs or recent graduates qualify for Pell grants, which will cover the full cost of the course and may typically provide the students with $100-200 in additional income. 

Training Plans & Materials from Rescue Missions