Bible Courses

What is it?

These are accredited online eight-week course that helps students better understand the Bible in a way that transforms their lives. The core course materials are based around The Urban Ministry Institute Curriculum, which particularly targets the urban leaders and poor. Each of these courses involve about 15-17 hours a week of student reading, live interactions and working on homework. Classwork must be done weekly and can be done any time of the week except for Zoom meetings (dates listed in the course).

Why use it?

Many Rescue Missions help their clients learn the Bible, but this course helps them to go deeper. When students take these courses with City Vision University, not only do they get credit, but it enables you to “outsource” in-depth Biblical training to City Vision rather than teaching it yourself. In addition, students benefit from interaction with peers and faculty.

Who uses it?

City Vision University has had students from over 100 rescue missions. It is based on the TUMI curriculum that has been used by tens of thousands of urban leaders and the poor.

How do I get started and what does it cost?

We have found that the vast majority of clients in rescue mission programs or recent graduates qualify for Pell grants, which will cover the full cost of the course and may typically provide the students with $100-200 in additional income. Our regular tuition is $750/course, but this is discounted to $637.50/course for all rescue missions (or similar ministries). We discount to $500/course to organizations that send two or more paying students in a given year.

Where do I get more information?

  1. Visit the following courses:
    CVC340: Old Testament Survey
    CVC341: New Testament Survey
    CVC408: Bible Interpretation
    CVC409: Biblical Theology
  2. Contact City Vision University at (816) 708-0795 or
  3. Apply for free at: