The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI)

What is it?

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) is a Bible, theology and leadership training curriculum for the urban church, especially among the poor, in order to advance the Kingdom of God. TUMI was developed by World Impact The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI) equips leadership. The goal is to help evangelize, disciple, plant, and pastor churches in unreached urban neighborhoods. TUMI’s passion is to identify, empower, and release laborers who can both display and declare God’s kingdom reign among their neighbors, where they live. At the bottom of this page is a diagram that visually shows the 16 modules that make up the TUMI curriculum.

Why use it?

TUMI is what we consider to be the best Bible and theology curriculum contextualized for urban audiences and the poor. Students completing TUMI courses can get up to 32 college credits with City Vision University (see below).

Who uses it?

TUMI is used by over 100 satellite partner TUMI sites that serve over 2,000 students each year with about 1,000 in prisons. It is currently being used at the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, Topeka Rescue Mission, Hope Rescue Mission (PA) and the Holland Rescue Mission among others. City Vision University uses TUMI materials and extends them to provide accredited online courses. 

What does it cost?

TUMI charges a one-time startup fee of $60 and site fee of $300 per year. In addition, sites typically purchase a set of books for courses they plan to offer in the first year, which can cost a few hundred dollars. Sites will typically purchase student workbooks for each of the TUMI courses they play to offer. The workbooks are available for free for Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscribers. See more here.

How can your clients going through TUMI Curriculum can get college credit?

Students completing TUMI courses can get up to 32 college credits with City Vision University. See details at: 

Where do I get more information?


16 modules of the TUMI curriculum