Celebrate Recovery

What is it?

Celebrate Recovery is the most widely used Christ-centered recovery program, and was developed out of Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church. It is both a program model and a curriculum that consists of leader guides and participant workbooks. Typically CR groups may consist of a large group combined with small group step studies or small group step studies without the large group.

Why use it?

While 12-step programs like AA are spiritual, participants do not have to identify the Christian God as their Higher Power. By contrast, Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered peer support recovery program. Celebrate Recovery is typically offered by churches and ministries that want to provide a more Christ-centered peer support recovery program.

Who uses it?

Over 5 million people have participated in Celebrate Recovery through groups in over 35,000 partner churches and ministries.

Rescue Missions that use Celebrate Recovery include: Orange County Rescue Mission, Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles), Niagara Gospel Rescue Mission, Frederick Rescue Mission and many others.

How do I get started and what does it cost?

There are three ways rescue missions can get involved in Celebrate Recovery. 

  1. Become an official Celebrate Recovery site. To do that you need to find the Celebrate Recovery representative in your state or region. Site directors typically are required to attend Celebrate Recovery first and are encouraged to go through training. You will also need to order the leader guide and participant guide.
  2. Use the Celebrate Recovery books and materials in your program without becoming an official site. If you choose this option, you are not allowed to call your group a “Celebrate Recovery” group.
  3. Refer clients to Celebrate Recovery groups outside your organization.

Where do I get more information?

Visit. Find your state representative: Order workbooks online from Amazon or other sources.