Jobs for Life

What is it?

Jobs for Life (JfL) is the most widely used evangelical jobs program partnering with churches and ministries to help the unemployed and underemployed find work. JfL provides both a program model and a curriculum. The JfL program consists of two main components: 1) the JfL class (using the JfL curriculum) and 2) developing a network of churches and employers in your city for JfL graduates.

Why use it?

Many organizations try to “reinvent the wheel” in creating their jobs programs. JfL has a proven curriculum and program model to make your program more effective. JfL has a 72% job placement rate across all their sites.

Who uses it?

JfL has over 350 ministry partners, 1,200 business partners and has served over 40,000 individuals through their classes.

The following rescue missions have registered for or used the Jobs for Life program: Raleigh Rescue Mission, Durham Rescue Mission, City Rescue Mission of Saginaw, New York City Rescue Mission, Springs Rescue Mission, Atlanta Mission, Union Rescue Mission Wichita, Sunshine Rescue Mission (AZ), Smithfield Rescue Mission, Re:center Ministries (Louisville Rescue Mission), Peninsula Rescue Mission, Orlando Union Rescue Mission, Lexington Rescue Mission, Knox Area Rescue Ministries, Yamhill Union Gospel Rescue Mission, Haven of Rest Rescue Mission, Gateway Rescue Mission, City Rescue Mission of Saginaw and the Bowery Mission

How do I get started and what does it cost?

At least two members from your organization need to attend a two-day JfL Core Training, which costs $229/person (as of 2021). After completing the training, your site can then purchase the curriculum. 

Where do I get more information?

Visit: or email