Genesis Process

What is it?

The Genesis Process is a comprehensive recovery program initially developed by Michael Dye for the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission. In 2000, due to the success of this program, Michael started the Genesis Program as an organization to work full time training counselors and churches in Genesis Counseling skills. Dean Perry who implemented the Genesis Process at the Los Vegas Rescue Mission, and now also provides training to organizations on implementing the Genesis Process. The focus of the Genesis Process is to provide a Biblical and neurochemical understanding of what is broken and causes our self-destruction.

The Genesis Process is a curriculum for training staff and clients and includes staff and client workbooks. It is also a full program model that is implemented after an initial training.

Why use it?

The Genesis Process has a proven track record in bringing life change. It is used as a core curriculum of many rescue missions, recovery ministries, and churches. The program combines a Biblical foundation and strong Christian worldview with the latest science on understanding of addiction. Using its self-discovery questions, people are able to develop an individualized relapse prevention based on their unique subconscious triggers.

Who uses it?

The Genesis Process is used by rescue missions, churches and counseling centers in countries throughout North America and around the world. For a full list see the locations map: Find a Program — Genesis Process.

The Genesis Process has been used by the following rescue missions: Fairbanks Rescue Mission, Sunshine Rescue Mission (AZ), Gospel Rescue Mission (Tucson), San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, Union Rescue Mission (Los Angeles), Good News Rescue Mission (Redding), Santa Barbara Rescue Mission, Central Coast Rescue Mission, Redwood Gospel Mission, Turlock Gospel Mission, Visalia Rescue Mission, Springs Rescue Mission, Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Panama City Rescue Mission, Lighthouse Rescue Mission (ID), Idaho Falls Rescue Mission, Rockford Rescue Mission, Lexington Rescue Mission, Shreveport-Bossier Rescue Mission, United Gospel Rescue Mission, Montana Rescue Mission, Las Vegas Rescue Mission, Safe Harbor Rescue Mission, Roanoke Rapids Union Mission, Portland Rescue Mission, Roseberg Rescue Mission, Cookeville Rescue Mission, Know Area Rescue Ministries, Rescue Mission of Salt Lake and Tacoma Rescue Mission.

How do I get started and what does it cost?

The first step to adding Genesis to your program is to have key staff go through the Genesis Counselor Training.  This is offered as an intensive week-long training received either in-person or through livestreaming.  This is the best way for training since it offers personal coaching for understanding Genesis and using its skills with clients.  The cost ranges between $405 – $495 per person, depending on the format used and number of staff seeking training.  Alternatively, there is a remote video training offered for teams by video online at  Genesis Process Online Training, which cost $300 for one person or $250/person for multiple people. All lessons, exams and 2 case studies must be accomplished within a 4 month time frame in order to complete the remote training.

Ongoing costs are for client workbooks, which can be purchased in a case of 25 for $500. For programs that want to maximize their investment in Genesis, there is a certification process that includes program assessment, on-going consulting for program development, staff training, and various discounts for Genesis services – see Consulting Services – Dean Perry Consulting.

How can your staff and clients going through Genesis Process training can get college credit?

Staff or clients completing Genesis Process training 3 college credits with City Vision University. See details at: 

Where do I get more information?

Visit: or email