CVI Rescue Mission Intern Orientation

What is it?

Lorraine Minor at City Union Mission developed a program (originally called Servant Leadership Institute) to train new interns, primarily focused on equipping recent program graduates with the skills and attitudes they would need to succeed in rescue ministry. She has been running the program successfully for over a decade, involving interns in many rescue missions. As faculty and a board member with City Vision University, she worked with City Vision’s President, Dr. Andrew Sears to convert it to a free curriculum and course online on the City Vision Institute (CVI) website. The curriculum is centered around readings from Lorraine’s book Called to Serve that is available for free online. It includes a book, recommended readings and videos and discussion questions.

Why use it?

This is the most developed program particularly focused on helping rescue mission program graduates make the transition to becoming interns or new staff at rescue missions. It is available for free or may also be taken as an accredited college course with City Vision University (Pell grants available).

Who uses it?

It was originally developed at City Union Mission and has now been used by dozens of rescue missions both directly through Lorraine’s SLI program, as an accredited course through City Vision University and as a free course through City Vision Institute.

How do I get started and what does it cost?

The curriculum is available for free at: 

Where do I get more information?

Free Course: