Introduction to Christian Addiction Counseling

What is it?

This course can help clients transition from perceiving themselves as a victim or an addict into that of someone called to be a “wounded healer.” This course can be helpful to clients, interns and staff that may be interested in becoming an addiction counselor. This course combines an Introduction to Christian Counseling with an Introduction to Addiction Counseling to help clients learn how to transform lives. This course could be particularly helpful for clients who may be considering a career in addiction counseling as it is designed as an orientation to the field for Christians.

Why use it?

This course helps provide a Christian foundation for addressing addiction. It blends the best of the clinical model of addiction counseling required for licensure with the best of Christian counseling.

Who uses it?

City Vision University has had students from over 100 rescue missions. We have had hundreds of students in our Addiction Counseling program.

How do I get started and what does it cost?

The curriculum is available for free at:

Where do I get more information?

Clients can sign up for the Free Course: